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Social Influencer, Media Rockstar, FinTech Commentator & E-Sports Specialist. #NekozTek

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7+ Years in media, branding, marketing, and advertising, Zhi Ko is a world renowned expert in growth hacking, just check his articles.


NekozTek covers a lot of topics so if you're into games, tech, crypto, finance, music or exercise he's a great guy to check out and chat with!


He has emerged as a commentator in the realm of fintech utilizing his social media presence on TikTok, Twitter and other platforms.

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We are a group of humans with a shared goal


Co-Founder / CEO

Noble 5 is a team of friends who came together to explore unique designs for gaming mice. With a love for games and technology, we decided to put our creative minds together to share our own contribution to the gaming community.


Partnerships Manager

Radiance prioritizes creating a culture of being respectful, friendly, and positive. These are the driving principles behind the talent we pick up, the content we create and the people we choose to work with. We stand firmly in the belief that gaming is about having fun, meeting new people and creating unforgettable experiences.



Titan Ventures has worked with a multitude of clients on helping the gain brand recognition, international exposure, and digital recognition in the cryptocurrency and blockchain world. In this time, they have accumulated the knowledge and understanding of how to communicate with the cryptocurrency community in an effective manner.

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NekozTek reaches over 410,000 engaged followers across his channel.


7 Years

Zhi Ko has been successfully operating businesses, navigating brand deals, and advising firms for almost a decade.


Focus on the future

As an early bitcoin adopter, and FinTech consultant, Zhi gets the future of finance, trading, and technology.

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Media Analysis, Branding, Fintech, and BD.

What they say

Former testimonials to Zhi's commitment and passion for entrepreneurship, brand advising, and leadership coaching.

Zhi is a top notch super star, and I don't mean that in an extrusive way. He truly gets is.
Josh Bowles — CEO at ICX inc.
Nekoz is known for his fast growth guiding principles.
Alpha Lead — Lead designer at Design Firm

A Comeback Story

NekozTek was hired to strategize the turnaround of a fledging FinTech company's core product, CoinDust. Leaning on his experience, connections, and expertise in Blockchain, he was able to restructure the team, product, and go-to-market strategy, in what was almost a 180 degree turn around.

Shipped On Time
Leaded Partnerships
Go-to-Market Strategy
Optimized Design
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What type of roles are you available for?

Zhi is available for consulting, adverting, marketing, sales, brand strategy and financial modeling.

Where are you located?

Zhi splits his time between Sunny Southern California (SoCal) and Singapore.

Are you available for Philanthropy

Zhi is available for charity work, and is a firm believer in giving back.

How can I reach you?

You can reach Nekoz on his contact form below, or follow him on his social media accounts below.

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